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Growing Kids God's Way

Spiritual Growth

Integrating a Christian world view into every part of the experience at ALCS is what we are all about. This is seen in the classroom, in the gym, on the playground, everywhere. We also seek to build our students up in the knowledge and understanding of the LORD, through corporate experiences.

Elementary students have chapel on one Thursday of the month. Each chapel time is designed to focus on an aspect of our school’s annual theme.

Middle School students begin each school year by having a retreat in the New Hampshire mountains that focuses on our annual theme. They have chapel on two Thursdays of the month, each looking at an aspect of the theme. Middle School students also participate in Faculty Advising groups (Small Groups) on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Every other year, a missions opportunity to the Dominican Republic is offered to Middle School students.

Small Groups, facilitated by faculty mentors, help our students grow in their spiritual lives. The small groups allow students to learn to navigate the challenges they face as pre-teens and teens through a Biblical lens, and to encourage each other to reflect on what the Lord wants for them through this time in their lives.

In addition, our middle school students have the opportunity to participate in Worship Band. It gives them the opportunity to share their musical gifts. Worship Band rehearses in the sanctuary several times per month, and then leads worship during Middle School Chapel. Worship Band helps our students to praise the Lord through music while developing self-confidence and leadership skills.