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RenWeb Access

Access RenWebRenWeb is our online school management system. Included is a function called ParentsWeb that allows parents and students to view their grades and other information from their teachers.

ParentsWeb is a private and secure parents’ portal that will allow parents to view academic information specific to their children while protecting their children’s information  from others. You can see your child’s grades, attendance, homework and conduct and other useful school information. You can also communicate with teachers and other school staff online.

New Users:

Go to


Click “Login” on the far right tab and click on “ParentsWeb Login


If you are new to ParentsWeb, click on “Set-up ParentsWeb” account and follow the instructions



If you have used ParentsWeb last year, log in as follows:

  • Type AL-MA for your “School ID”
  • Enter your email address that you provided to the school
  • Enter the password assigned
  • Click “parent” button
  • Click on “Login”

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