Growing Kids God's Way

Pre-Kindergarten, Ages 4-5 – The Stable

Our pre-kindergarten classes could be described by the title itself… before, or getting ready for Kindergarten!  The German word “Kindergarten” is translated as a “child’s garden” of varied experiences.  In this class we focus on learning skills that will be needed in Kindergarten.

Your child will experience this “garden” using our self-pronouncing alphabet (S.P.A.) and its accompanying curriculum. Our week is centered around a letter, a sound and an animal-of-the-week from the SPA curriculum.

For our first letter-sound “Ape A”, we study not only the long “A” sound (pre-reading concept) but also the life and habits of apes (sciences) and the countries where apes may be found (social studies). We may play ape counting games (pre-math) sample ape food, sing songs and do artwork on an ape theme. We know learning can be fun and this curriculum takes us on many wonderful adventures.

The children learn many Bible stories throughout the year. We use pictures, videos, and drama to make the stories come alive for the children. We have a praise song time and prayer time to help the children get to know their heritage in the Lord.