Growing Kids God's Way

Testimonial from the Jamieson Family

We have two boys that attend Abundant Life Christian School and Learning Center, one started as a 2.9 year old and the other started at six months. From the very beginning they made us, the parents, feel comfortable with leaving the boys with them and boys followed along shortly there after. My oldest loved all of his teachers, and I could see the love they had for him in their time spent with him. For that matter, I could see the love they had for all of the children in every smile, playtime, book read and patient response.

Both of our children have enjoyed playing with all of the children in their class and we, the parents, have made some nice friends with some of the other moms and dads.

When my youngest was born, I had a long recovery ahead of me and the Learning Center stood right with us. They offered prayer, hugs and their prayer chains until I was back on my feet. They were truly incredible and we were blessed to have their encouragement and support. At every point along the way, they have been loving, patient, kind and a great example for our children. We believe that the love they have shown our whole family is a tribute to the Learning Center’s success.

God Bless,
The Jamieson Family