Growing Kids God's Way


Infant/Pre-Toddler Suite

Our infant suite is warm, caring, intimate environment for children as young as three months.  Our purpose is not to replace mothers and fathers, but to provide a “motherly touch” to ensure your baby is safe, secure, happy, and loved.  Your infant/pre-toddler will learn how much Jesus loves them through example, music and finger plays.

The self-contained suite has separate areas for crawlers, and for walkers, allowing the program to grow as your child develops.  Outdoor play time and introduction to making crafts encourages children to explore new textures and new environments.  Infants also go outdoors each day the weather is suitable.



If you were a visitor peeking through the windows of this classroom, you would observe lots of humorous sights.  At story time, you might see the children laughing with glee as they act out finger plays and action songs.  They can hokie-pokie with the best.  At lunch, you will see children raising their hands high in the air singing, “Hallelujah, Praise the Lord” to thank Jesus for their food.  You would be so proud to see these little ones using the child sized flush toilet.  These activities are just part of our daily routine. We also introduce them to various craft textures, glue and cutting.  We help them practice their small motor skills as they put little stickers on their projects to take home.