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Mr. Fred Rogers once said, “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. At various times, play is a way to cope with life and to prepare for adulthood. Play is a way to solve problems and express feelings. In fact, play is the real work of childhood.” At Abundant Life, we strongly agree that children’s play is where serious social and personal growth, discovery and problem solving happens.

This basic philosophy is what drives our teaching as we help your child learn and grow. Unique programs such as monthly Adventure Days, help re-enforce what happens each day in the classrooms. Come and visit to see what we are all about!

Infant/Pre-Toddler Suite
Our infant suite is warm, caring and an intimate environment for children as young as three months. Our purpose is not to replace mothers and fathers, but to provide a “motherly touch”…
Learn more about our Infant/Pre-Toddler classroom.

Young Toddlers – Noah’s Ark
If you were a visitor peeking through the windows of this classroom, you would observe lots of humorous sights. At story time, you might see the children laughing with glee as they act out finger plays…
Learn more about our Young Toddler classroom.

Toddlers – 2×2’s
This classroom meets the changing needs of the older toddler that will turn preschool age. Curriculum grows with the children at each stage. The smaller classroom size allows children to gain and use their…
Learn more about our Toddler classroom.

Preschool, Age 2.9 – Little Saints
Children are taught to know “I am special”. Lessons focus on age appropriate themes that teach the children about the world around them. Each month features a different theme such as family…
Learn more about our Preschool, Age 2.9 classroom.

Preschool, Ages 3-4 – The Stable
Curiosity and caring, these characterize the 3 to 4 year old child as s/he becomes more aware of the incredible world in which they live and the roll s/he plays in it. We seek to nurture that love of discovery…
Learn more about our Preschool, Ages 3-4 classroom.

Pre-Kindergarten, Ages 4-5 – The Garden
Our pre-kindergarten classes could be described by the title itself… before, or getting ready for Kindergarten! The German word “Kindergarten” is translated as a “child’s garden” of varied….
Learn more about our Pre-Kindergarten, Ages 4-5 classroom.

Visit our calendar to find out the latest happenings at Abundant Life Christian School. You’ll find adventure day times, songtime schedules, special events, family nights, school closings and much more…
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Monthly Newsletters
Stay up to date with the happenings of the Learning Center by taking a look through our monthly newsletters. You’ll find the most recent newsletter as well as archived newsletters for your reference.
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The first step in enrollment is to come for a visit. Parents and children are invited to come and tour the Learning Center on any morning before 11:30.  Feel free to drop in, or contact us for an appointment…
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Learn a little bit more about the wonderful staff at Abundant Life Christian School and Learning Center.
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Tuition is broken up into two categories and varies depending on the age of your child. This page breaks down the tuition by how many days per week your child attends our program…
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