Growing Kids God's Way

Technology (IT)

Technology in each classroom has created an environment where interactive learning can be shared with teachers and peers, as well as family members. Teachers have hit the ground running in mastering the many features available in each device. Lessons given from MacBook Airs are easily broadcast to students using AirPlay through classroom connected Apple TVs. Students also have quick access to iPads and MacBook Airs for individual use and group collaboration, including a host of selected apps chosen for enhanced educational potential.

Eighth graders use Apple’s Swift Playgrounds to design and troubleshoot simulated code in the same Swift language used by developers of iOS apps. Seventh graders learn productivity and design through Apple’s iWork suite of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Sixth graders get into the nuts and bolts of hardware by dissecting Mac Pros and studying the unique components that make up a working computer.

For younger grades, a curriculum centered on object based coding using the Tynker and codeSpark Academy apps on iPad fosters age appropriate exploration of problem solving in real programming scenarios. The app Seesaw is incorporated into computer instruction to provide each classroom a central location where students can share their successes with peers and parents online.

The seamless integration of Apple devices encourages hands-on lesson delivery and has helped provide those shy to the adoption of technology a safe haven.