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Fine Arts

Visual Arts

One of the ways students can bring glory to God is through the artistic expression of his kingdom. Children are taught the basics, like color, texture, perspective, tint and saturation along with how the masters used these techniques to create the historical artwork we see in museums today. Art classes are taught to all Elementary students, and are offered as an elective to Middle School students.

Music is a primary tool that God has given us to worship him with. Elementary students not only learn the basics of musical instrumentation, but also appreciation for the history of music. Middle School students may choose music as an elective and learn the basic skills needed to play the piano and keyboard. During many school years a student Worship Band is organized. Private piano lessons after school are available on a contract basis.

Students are able to use drama in many different ways. Elementary students have an annual Christmas program. Middle School students may join the after-school Drama Club which performs skits in chapel, and produces a spring play. Past productions include: Robin Hood, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and The Magician’s Nephew.