Growing Kids God's Way

Ages 2.9-4

Preschool, Ages 2.9 Years

Children are taught to know “I am special”. Lessons focus on age appropriate themes that teach the children about the world around them.  Each month features a different theme such as family, transportation, or birds and nature.

The goal is for each child is to build relationships, learn co-operation, follow direction, lengthen their attention span and to practice their independence skills. The staff will love your child, challenge your child and expose them to the exciting world around them.

Preschool, Ages 3-4 Years

Curiosity and caring, these characterize the 3 to 4 year old child as s/he becomes more aware of the incredible world in which they live and the roll s/he plays in it. We seek to nurture that love of discovery in your child.

Our staff, curriculum, and classroom environment work closely together to cultivate the kind of foundation which encourages a lifetime of learning for your child. We seek to encourage the whole child, knowing that a healthy self-esteem is one of life’s most essential building blocks.

“Me and My Words” best describes the curriculum which helps us surround your child with opportunities for growth. Growth in language skills, creativity, motor skills, social interaction and love of God are key areas that are taught.